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Dec 3, 2013

Fellow Writers

Being a writer, I enjoy conversing with other writers about the pains, joys, and frustrations of writing. There is something about writing, something special, and it's always a blast to get together with someone who sees that "specialness" and is willing to discuss it. A good friend of mine, McKenzie, is one of these people. We could sit down for hours to talk about our books, discussing characters and plot twists, romances and hatreds, beginnings and endings. If you ever see us running together...well, you can almost always depend on us to have mentioned the concept of writing at least once. People love to talk about their passions, and if you get them going, it's really enjoyable to listen to. As a writer, I love it when people write about their passions, even if they wouldn't call themselves writers. One friend of mine is a poet in the making. Another is not a writer, but a biker. He recently wrote a short article for a magazine contest. Even though he didn't win the contest, he still created an inspiring masterpiece. You can find it here!
Honestly, I would take the time to check out all the blogs in my "Blogs I Follow" list. They are all extremely worth the read!
Thanks for taking the time to read this little post!


  1. Just read this. Sarah, that's so true. haha we're always talking about writing! Glad I have someone to talk to who is as passionate about it as I am. Makes for some good runs ;)