Favorite Quote of the Day

Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass. ~Anton Chekhov

Aug 27, 2013

Now We Have Rain

I hear it before I see it. It's coming...and coming fast. "EVERYONE INSIDE!!" I scream in  frightened delight. We haven't seen it in years. Why is it coming back now?
"Why is it coming back?" My best friend has the same thought as she stands next to me in the middle of the field. "And why aren't you inside?" 
"I want to welcome it." I whisper, opening my arms as wide as they will go. "I'm fifteen, Rachel, and the last time I saw it was when I was three." 
Rachel moves closer to me. "Do you remember it?" 
"I remember joy...and the feeling of hope. I remember dancing...nothing was dry, Rachel! Everything was lush, and green. Yes, I remember the green."
Our feet stir up the dry ground beneath our feet. It is dust...all of it.
"Will...will I like it?"
"Rachel....you'll love it."
And then it came.
At first, it was just a light drizzle...a pitter patter at our feet. My eyes are glued shut as I feel droplets fall on my eyelids and catch on my eyelashes. I'm afraid that if I open them...it will all be a dream. A beautiful dream.
"Is it real?" Rachel asks, slowly moving away. "It's...water. Falling from the sky."
"It's rain." I breath, slowly opening my eyes as the rain falls harder and faster, smacking into the ground with dull thuds and turning dusty dirt into mud.
I fall to my knees and then roll to my back, feeling the rain soak through my shirt as the real downpour begins. Droplets the size of my fingernails are falling, fast and thick. Everything is wet, and the air is full of the noise of rain.
And the smell.
It's indescribable... I know my whole village is smelling it from the reverent silence they hold. For everyone is slowly emerging from their homes, reaching out their hands to catch as many of the drops as possible. Then the cheer began. It started with the smallest child, and ended with the sternest man. Our whole village is one as we welcome the rain back into our country, and we welcome the green that is soon to follow.
As the rain soaks through my skin and hair, I blink away rain and tears and gaze into the sky.
I know. The rain is here to stay.
No more drought. No more famine. No more starvation.
Now we have rain.

Thanks to a friend for giving me the idea and thanks to all the readers for reading! One of the reasons I love living where I do is because of the rain. It's beautiful and refreshing, and perfect reading and writing weather. Until next time!

Aug 7, 2013


     Nothing. Have you ever thought about nothing? It's...nothing. The word nothing ins't even nothing, because nothing doesn't exist, but the word nothing does, so nothing can explain nothing. It's blank. It's empty space...but it's not even space. We use the word so casually. "What are you doing?" "Nothing." But really...you can't wrap your mind around it.
     What would it be like...to be nothing? To be trapped in it, enclosed in it, with no way out because you're not explainable, you don't exist, which means you aren't real. 
It's empty. Totally empty. I'm in a void that holds no air, no boundaries, and no existence. I am nothing. So...I don't exist. But yet I do. 
It's an odd sensation, really, knowing that you are real and you're not at the same time. The question is, am I really feeling? Am I really thinking? I have no brain...no body. I am nothing. 
There's no light here, however there is no darkness either. The walls seem white, but the walls don't exist here. White doesn't either. I think I'm trapped. 
But trapped where? No one can save me...they don't know I exist. They can't feel me, hear me, see me, or even think about me, because I am nothing. I'm gone, yet there I lie. Wasting. Rotting. 
I am dying, yet there is no decay. I am breathing, but there is no air to breathe. Somehow, I exist, though really, I don't. I can't--it's impossible for me to exist because I am not there. 
Maybe I'm in space. Perhaps an astronaut will come along and push me away, force me into his suit so that I can feel something, be somewhere, see something. 
I can't be in space, though. I can't be anywhere! I can't be, but I can't not be, because here I am. Where is here?
I  think I hear voices, calling my name, but yet how can I listen? And what is my name? It's impossible for me to have a name...I don't exist. I'm not real, so how are they calling me?
How can I even think? 
I am nothing.

     Well...that was slightly odd. I wrote that on the spot so bear with me through any mistakes you found...I think I like it. Nothing. It's a mysterious subject.

Aug 3, 2013

     I honestly love this piece of word art, because it is so true.
     My story, my fantasy, it's my work of art. It's a part of me, and I love it. It's beautiful, it's devious, it's dark, surreal, twisted, and deranged. Although--my story carries redemption.
     The first question people normally ask when I tell them that I'm writing a book is the classic, "What's it about?" I usually just give them a vague answer that leaves them with more questions than answers. But, a few weeks ago, a friend asked me that same question. I was about to reply with the usual answer...but then I decided, you know what? I'm actually going to tell it this time. So I did...and I'm very fond of the way I wrote it! Here it is!
     The story of The Children of Light takes place in an alternate universe called "The Wheel". There are seven realms in The Wheel, and the king of The Realm of Dragons has kept peace with all the realms for centuries. That is, until Thal, the king's right hand man, comes across a prophesy featuring him and six others--three sets of twins, a boy and a girl each. It's a prophesy of Thal rising to power and the twins, the Children of Light, defeating him.
     Thal sets off on a mission to destroy the Children of Light, making them all orphans in the process. The Children escape, and go to the Realm of Dragons for refuge. There they meet seven girls...the future Ladies of the seven Realms. Together, they train and wait, anxious to follow the orders of their Creator in destroying Manthal, the beast that Thal has become.
     The title is currently, "I am a Child of Light". I'm really enjoying the writing process. It's tough, it's difficult, but, like everything else that's good in life, I know that it will be worth it in the end.