Favorite Quote of the Day

Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass. ~Anton Chekhov

Jul 30, 2014


I got this inspiration the other day...and it was just kinda fun to write and think about! :-)

I imagine that one day, when Kristoff and Anna are all grown up, living in the castle, married and having kids, they'll have a blast.
Auntie Elsa lives with them, and she can make the great hall into a skating rink. Sven lives in the stables, and the kids love to sneak carrots to their daddy's reindeer. Olaf, of course, lives there too, and he runs around with his own personal flurry, saying hello to everyone and giving free warm hugs and generally being Olaf.
In the winter, it snows, and it has nothing to do with  Elsa. It simply has everything to do with the weather. Simple as that.
The morning of the first snow, every year,Anna wakes her children up early. Kristoff takes off to go and check on the ice, simply because he loves his job, and he loves his sled.
Holding her children's hands, Anna walks with them to Auntie Elsa's door, the little ones trying their  hardest not to laugh. And then, with no warning, they burst in, shouting in unison, "DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN?!?!?"
Elsa sits up, a bright smile written all across her face, as she meets Anna's gaze.
Anna smiles back.
She's letting Elsa build a snowman.
She's giving Elsa her childhood.

Jul 11, 2014

A Broken Schedule, A New Start

Unfortunately, most of the time, life does not follow a schedule. 

For example...

I wanted to blog. 

Once a week,

Every week. 

Turns out...

This is my first blog in what,

Two months?


I had a goal.

That goal was to write every day.

Continue along with my book.

NOT get writers block.

What happens?

Everything feels bland.

My imagiation decides to take over.

Guess what? 

I'm starting over.


But maybe...


Starting Over is all it takes. 

Clicking the "New Document" icon.

Seeing something fresh and new.

A blank screen. 

Knowing that when you begin to type,

It will be something new.

Something better. 


That's all it takes. 

A fresh start. 

A "Can we start over?" 

A new friendship forged out of the old.

A new story, inspired by what's past.

Or simply,

A revival.

A new promise.

That might not get kept,

Because we're human.

And honestly?

We fail.

But that's okay,

Becuase forgiveness is possible.

So forgive me?

I'm willing to start a new document.

Open my Bible once again.

Put my fingers on the piano once again.

Wake up early once again.

Continue on the path into the unknown. 

Because it's a new day,

If you want it to be.

A new moment,

A new dawn,

A new schedule,

A new start.