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Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass. ~Anton Chekhov

Dec 14, 2013

I Am A Star

The sky.
It's big.
Vast....the vastness of the sky is like the deepness of the darkest seas.
Who knows what's down there?
Out there?
Up there?
It's a mystery...
But guess what.
I know.
There's stars.
More stars than I can count.
More stars than I can even begin to imagine counting.
They fill the universe.
Forever is full of stars.
Shining brightly, they are stunning everyone who greets them with a fiery brilliance that can only be achieved by those elite.
And greet them I shall.
Twinkling back at them, I will proclaim,
"I am a star. I have a name. There is a light inside of me that none of you could ever bear to gaze at for a moment. That light shines in me when all else is dark. I am my own star."
The stars will talk back. They will reply, and their voices will sound a mix of tinkling bells and the deep grumble of a volcano, for each and every burning ball of gas has its own voice, its own personality.
They will all say, all together...
"I am a star. God placed me here in this sky. He knows me by name and he knows all of my brothers and sisters by name and there are tens of thousands of us. See me? Yes, imagine that inside of me, yet farther back in space, yes, if you zoom in, are billions upon millions more stars. And then, inside of them, are billions more. And surrounding me are simply billions of stars. You can't count is, but He has. He named us."
All you have to say back is this.

"The God who came up with all this beauty and glory and foreverness is the same God who loves me and breathes life into me. This huge God, who is forever, who never ends and never started, loves me in a way that a father loves his children. I am blessed.”

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