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Dec 31, 2013

You Are Worth It; You Can Make A Difference.

Here's another letter from God, this time written to all His children. I like to imagine Him whispering these words; music to my little ears.

My Dearest Daughter, and my dearest Son.

You are worth it. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. I made you, my child, I made you with a talent and a worth uniquely your own. No one is like you; No one in the world. Each of my children, you included, was made with a purpose; the purpose of making a difference for me. And all of my children are very capable of making this difference, even if you think you are worth nothing. For to me, you are worth the world. You are worth more than the world; and obviously, my One True Son Jesus thinks you are to die for. My One True Son and I believe that you are worth the sacrifice we made for you. When you were turning away from me, I wanted you back. I was so jealous of the time and attention you were giving to other things, things besides me, and I desired to hold you in my arms again and claim you as my children. So, my Son and I came up with a plan, a plan that was sure to succeed, and win the war against the devil that stirs the heart of men towards evil things. You all fight your own individual battles with the demons the devil has sent; and I ask you to fight these. Battle the demons; it will make you stronger as you win each battle in my Name. But even if you lose a battle inside the depths of your heart; persevere, stay strong, stand up, be brave; for I have already won the war. 
My dear children...make a difference in the world that I have given you. Transform it, move it, see it in the way that my eyes see it. And I know that EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU can make a difference. Whether you are going pro- or a girl of many talents, whether you feel like you have no gifts or like you have to many choices, whether you've been serving me for six decades or only a month; make a difference in this world for me. Because you can. I have given you the capability to touch people, to bless them, to enter their lives and give them hope, peace, joy, or a sense of belonging. As my children, you have this capability! You are images of me, temples where I reside. 
I can use you. You. 
And I will use you. 
With Me on your side, you are more than strong enough. 

Your Maker;

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