Favorite Quote of the Day

Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass. ~Anton Chekhov

Dec 28, 2014

To be me

and so she decided
to just be herself.
not what everyone else told her to be.
expected her to be.
wanted her to be.
she decided to be
just her.
nothing else.

but it's funny
how we carry
bits and pieces
of each other with us.
i mean,
we'll never be
Perfectly us.
but we can try.
because when you
truly love someone
you get a part of them.
everyone you love.
and everyone gets a little part of you.

But to be me
I get to decide.
I get to choose.
I'm me.
It's freeing.
You're not looking to
Other people
For expectations
You're not doing what
Else is doing.
You're doing
What you want to do.
What God wants you to do
Nothing else.
You have
No chains.
No bondage.
Just an open meadow.
An open meadow
With nothing in it.
You get to create a masterpiece.
Sow the seeds.
Grow the flowers.
Be the most beautiful meadow.
I know
You are capable.

she decided
to bloom.
just bloom.
and look
how beautiful she is

Dec 21, 2014

I run.

I run.
I run in the rain, in the sunshine, in the wind.
I run on the road and I run on the trail.
I run to feel alive.
I run for the sudden rush of energy, for the mental boost.
I run for the rain on my skin, the cold in the air.
I run to feel the icy burn of hot muscles against the frigid wind.
I run to feel the pavement beneath my feet, telling me I'm still here.
I run for the pain, for the needles and pins.
For the tight train of muscles that shows you've worked hard.
I run because the pain makes me feel alive.
I defeat it, I conquer it, I am victorious inside.
It tells me I'm ere, I'm not dead and gone.
The ever pounding footsteps saying that life will go on.
I run for the thrill, for the speed and the place,
I run for the feeling of being first in my race.
I run because that is my glad, one of my desires,
I run to build my strength.
But, most of all.
I run because God gave me legs; and then he told me what to do.
He said to run to my heart's content, that is what's true.