Favorite Quote of the Day

Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass. ~Anton Chekhov

Dec 21, 2013

Life and God.

Life can be hard.
Okay, let me rephrase that.
Life IS hard.
This world is corrupt, sinful, and honestly...
Life sucks.
The questions,
"God, where are you?"
"God, why?"
"Why have you abandoned us?"
Are frequently asked by His people.
I wonder...
How much pain does He go through as we ask these questions?
How many tears fall from His face as He watches us struggle, trying to make sense of ourselves.
When girls cry themselves to sleep,
When guys struggle to keep up their strong masks, though they're crumbling inside.
When spouses fight,
When families shout,
When yet another falls into the hands of the devil...
How many tears does He cry?
God had to watch His son die,
He allowed His son to be killed.
And Jesus obeyed.
Jesus suffered.
He trusted God to the very end.
He was tortured, cursed, mocked, flogged, spat upon, suffocated, and executed; yet he allowed God to control his fate.
And look what came out of that pain:
Unconditional love,
And eternity with God in heaven.
When pain strikes,
When there are sleepless nights,
And the end seems so, so far off.
As hope fades,
And peace shatters,
Know this;
God has a plan.
He knows what He is doing; He's been doing it for thousands of years with billions of people.
He allowed His son to die,
But then God raised him up higher than the galaxies can reach with their fingers.
Yes, your life might be hard.
Crushed dreams,
Broken sisters,
Hurting fathers,
Crying mothers,
Helpless nights,
Abandoned friends...
There is good in this.
God will bring good through this.
We just have to trust,
Find inspiration from those who have risen from the ashes,
Get ourselves up from the ground; even if we're only on our knees,
Hold fast to hope,
Hope that God will raise you up,
and obey.