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Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass. ~Anton Chekhov

Aug 7, 2013


     Nothing. Have you ever thought about nothing? It's...nothing. The word nothing ins't even nothing, because nothing doesn't exist, but the word nothing does, so nothing can explain nothing. It's blank. It's empty space...but it's not even space. We use the word so casually. "What are you doing?" "Nothing." But really...you can't wrap your mind around it.
     What would it be like...to be nothing? To be trapped in it, enclosed in it, with no way out because you're not explainable, you don't exist, which means you aren't real. 
It's empty. Totally empty. I'm in a void that holds no air, no boundaries, and no existence. I am nothing. So...I don't exist. But yet I do. 
It's an odd sensation, really, knowing that you are real and you're not at the same time. The question is, am I really feeling? Am I really thinking? I have no brain...no body. I am nothing. 
There's no light here, however there is no darkness either. The walls seem white, but the walls don't exist here. White doesn't either. I think I'm trapped. 
But trapped where? No one can save me...they don't know I exist. They can't feel me, hear me, see me, or even think about me, because I am nothing. I'm gone, yet there I lie. Wasting. Rotting. 
I am dying, yet there is no decay. I am breathing, but there is no air to breathe. Somehow, I exist, though really, I don't. I can't--it's impossible for me to exist because I am not there. 
Maybe I'm in space. Perhaps an astronaut will come along and push me away, force me into his suit so that I can feel something, be somewhere, see something. 
I can't be in space, though. I can't be anywhere! I can't be, but I can't not be, because here I am. Where is here?
I  think I hear voices, calling my name, but yet how can I listen? And what is my name? It's impossible for me to have a name...I don't exist. I'm not real, so how are they calling me?
How can I even think? 
I am nothing.

     Well...that was slightly odd. I wrote that on the spot so bear with me through any mistakes you found...I think I like it. Nothing. It's a mysterious subject.

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